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Hi everyone,

Thank you for finding this page! Four years ago, I wrote copy for this page before my debut novel had even come out. Now it's more than three four years since publication, my family and I spent seven fifteen months on book tour, and the book won the 2013 Mary Higgins Clark Award for best suspense novel of the year, and was nominated for a bunch more. Then I had a second novel come out a year later (and we hit the road again, four more months) and then a third (and we did it again) and that book won the Silver Falchion award for best novel, and then...

I went careening into a giant concrete wall.

It took me eleven years to sell my "first" novel, which was really my eighth. Eleven years of rejection and toil and hard work and disappointment and getting slammed down before raising a hand--sometimes just a finger--to try again. You'd think after all of that, I'd be done with the hard parts. Time to buy the yacht and the jet and live in the Islands.

Ah, but publishing isn't usually that simple, and writing isn't either, and neither is life, I guess. The publishing biz is a beast that makes no sense. It's a camel with many humps, and you have to keep climbing them, shuffling around and trying to find a comfortable seat. To mix metaphors as no writer should.

After my third novel came out, my editor was let go, and I suddenly had no home for my work.

Luckily, I had a new book all ready to go, which my agent was eager to go out with. And at least it would be easy this time, right? After all, one of my books was a USA Today bestseller. Two had won major awards. I had starred reviews. Readers I loved. A slew of successful events on tour.

Not right. It seems the rejections don't stop just because you've had some success. It took my agent and me over a year of perfecting that book, seeking support in the form of blurbs, and tolerating no's before offers began to come in. In the end, we had the excitement of an auction--and better yet, I was able to join a publisher I truly feel gets me and gets this business.

 I'm so very glad you've come to join me atop the camel. Let's ride.

With love,