June 3, 2009

The Mysterious Bookshop

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Last night I went to hear Lisa Unger speak on the release of her book, DIE FOR YOU. Rather than do the usual reading format, one of the bookstore staff interviewed her. It led to a very interesting conversation on many things writing. Incidentally, the book looks great, and I can’t wait to dive in!

I’ve mentioned my love of Lisa’s work before, so today I just wanted to say that the Mysterious Bookshop is worth a trip for anyone within the Tri-State area (or planning a trip to NYC or willing to drive…) Both the new releases and the older stock contained some fascinating finds. The walls are positively crawling with mysteries and suspense like jewels in a treasure chest. Amazon’s well ordered website just can’t accomplish the same thing. It’s great for a certain kind of book buying–Mysterious is great when you want to dive and come up with gold. The skeletons dangling from the ceiling are a nice touch, too, and the staff was warm, informed, and welcoming.

You could sit on one of the comfy leather couches for a few hours and get lost in a whole new world.

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