March 25, 2010

Made It Moment: Stacy Juba

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25 Years Ago Today

The second I read a little snippet of Stacy’s inspiring story–and I’m not talking about her fictional one, at least not at this point–I knew I had to ask her to write a Moment. Here it is without any further ado! PS: Her novel is worth checking out, too.

Stacy Juba

I knew I’d “made it” when I attended a Book Club meeting as the guest of honor, listening to members discuss my debut mystery novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. As a first-time author, I wasn’t famous, but while I sipped ice water in the bookstore and enjoyed the animated talk about my novel’s twist ending, I felt deep satisfaction that, finally, my books were where they belonged – in the hands of readers. After 17 years of rejection, I had nearly given up hope that this moment would arrive.

Ironically, I had my first novel published by Avon when I was a teenager. I never anticipated that it would take almost two decades to publish a second book. I came close, with editors championing my novels before Publishing Committees, however their efforts always failed. An agency represented my work for a couple years, but eventually they gave up and I wondered whether I should quit, too.

Then, my novel-in-progress won the $1,000 William F. Deeck Malice Domestic Grant, and I couldn’t quit, not after the grant committee recognized potential in my work. I plugged away and for two years in a row, my novels finaled in the St. Martin’s Press Malice Domestic Contest for the Best First Traditional Mystery. Frustrated at coming so close, I read inspirational books and created a vision board showcasing my goals.

When I heard that an exciting new independent publisher called Mainly Murder Press was seeking mystery novels set in New England, I sent off Twenty-Five Years Ago Today. A couple months later, the acceptance letter arrived and that one magic moment made all the rejections worthwhile. I’m equally thrilled that in December 2010, Mainly Murder Press will publish my second mystery novel, Sink or Swim.

That title also describes my path to publication. I could have let my dreams sink, but I managed to keep them afloat even in rough waters. I’m so glad the voyage led me to this point and I look forward to many more inspiring interactions with readers.

Award-winning writer Stacy Juba is the author of the mystery novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today (Mainly Murder Press.) Her second mystery suspense novel, Sink or Swim, is scheduled for release by Mainly Murder Press in December 2010.

Her young adult novel Face-Off, about twin brothers competing on the hockey rink for their father’s approval, was published by Avon Books when she was 18 years old under her maiden name, Stacy Drumtra.


  1. Wow, Stacy. You’re proof that the best way to fail is to quit. Which, of course, means the best way to succeed . . .

    I got all tingly reading about attending a book club at which your book was discussed. It seems like that would have so much more meaning than numbers from your publisher.

    Continued success!

    Comment by Peg Brantley — March 25, 2010 @ 9:48 am

  2. Peg nailed it (and the Moment just went up)! It is about the readers. All about the readers. How wonderful, Stacy–I hope that group will be the first of many to discover your work.

    Comment by jenny — March 25, 2010 @ 9:53 am

  3. What a fantastic story. I’ve been trying, on and off spottily, for about 10 years to get the “right agent” to sell my book, and now have hooked agent #3, so I identify with your story about waiting, and frustration. I am very intrigued by “a vision board showcasing my goals.” Can you explain what that was, and how that worked to help you? Thank you! I am so inspired by your wonderful story. Congratulations on your success!

    Comment by SapphireSavvy — March 25, 2010 @ 10:03 am

  4. Thanks, Jenny, for hosting me! It is definitely a thrill to finally have the book in the hands of readers. This is an excerpt from an article that I recently wrote about vision boards:

    A vision board is a collage of pictures and words depicting the goals and dreams you want to attract into your life. You gather images, photographs and words relating to your dreams, both personal and professional. You can use magazines, newspapers, the Internet and photo albums as resources. Craft stores often sell inspirational stickers which can also enhance your board.
    Next, select the format of your vision board. Popular choices include large poster board, fabric message boards and shadow boxes.

    Personally, I like using a fabric message board, which can be found at department stores and craft stores. I glue words onto the back of index cards and tuck them under the ribbons. I also attach family photographs and printouts of my book covers. Be creative as you hunt for “board material.” I glued the Nike swoosh logo to one of my cards as I like the saying “Just Do It.” I’ve even posted inspiring messages from fortune cookies. Finally, be sure to hang your board in a place where you will see it every day. That way, you’ll absorb these hopes and dreams into your subconscious and focus on the tasks that need to be done. It helps you to think positive and to take small but appropriate steps toward your goals.

    I recommend the books The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams, and Your Heart’s Desire by Sonia Choquette for more information on positive thinking.

    Comment by Stacy Juba — March 25, 2010 @ 11:24 am

  5. Oh, how very cool! Like an image-based Orgone Box, in a way. Bringing good things into your environment and surrounding yourself. Neat!

    Comment by SapphireSavvy — March 25, 2010 @ 5:53 pm

  6. What a great tale of perserverence! I’m glad it all finally paid off! Good for you! I’m just entering the Mystery arena myself, so I will look for your book!

    Comment by Hart — March 26, 2010 @ 10:35 am

  7. Thank you to everyone for your comments!

    Comment by Stacy Juba — March 26, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

  8. Thanks again for appearing, Stacy. Hope to see you back again on suspenseyourdisbelief!

    Comment by jenny — March 26, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

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