October 28, 2009

Another way to find an agent

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I will probably write about this conference more in the weeks to come, but if you’re a writer with a completed ms (manuscript), looking to get your work in front of editors, here is the best place I’ve found to do so.

I will be giving a short unit at the conference in November, where I’ll be talking about how even more than enticing an editor to make an offer, this workshop can put you in an excellent position to land an agent–something we’ve been talking about here.

I’d love to meet some Suspense Your Disbelief readers face to face!

How important is it to go to conferences, writers workshops, and the like? Since I did a little cheer leading for cold querying in my post the other day, you might think–not very. But getting published is more than just getting an agent. You might find yourself in the position of giving leads to your agent, once represented, and those can often be found by attending conferences. Also, being published–once that deal is signed–is all about knowing people in the writing world. I know very few authors these days who write in a tower room, never coming out. I think that making these connections, early and frequently, is crucial to success as a writer.

But I bet there are others who disagree, and as always, I’d like to hear from you!

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