February 21, 2011

Who am I?

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I don’t mean existentially.

But just in the past couple of days, I’ve received several emails from readers asking me how I select Moments, or writers to feature on my blog. Do I know the people? Do I read their books and like them?

“There’s such a range,” one email said. “I have no sense at all how you do this.”

The answer is, I don’t. Or rather–you couldn’t. Have a sense.

I want Suspense Your Disbelief to be a community for authors, writers, readers, and publishing folks of all stripes and colors. Polka dots even.

Every so often, if a book just blows me far and away, I may say so. Or I may not. Oftentimes a Moment-er is brand new to me, in which case I try to put his or her book on my TBR pile. I have discovered many new-to-me authors this way. And some new-to-the-world ones, too–a unique pleasure.

If you have something to say about this brave new world of publishing, or this almost-as-old-as-the-dinosaurs world of writing (storytelling), please contact me.

I don’t have to agree with what you say. If you scroll through the posts you’ll see some of the biggies covered in ways that may or may not link up with what I personally believe. Politics. Human rights. Religion. Parenting.

Suspense Your Disbelief is for everyone who has a respectful, thinking take on something related to books.

It’s your blog.


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