February 22, 2011

Made It Moment: Rodney Walther

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Broken Laces

Me, too, I wanted to say when I read the first line of today’s Made It Moment. That’s two for two this week. I wonder what you’ll think?

Rodney Walther

Although I’ve had nice public recognition for my novels (winning five contests across the country), I’ve always registered success by how my story touches individual readers.

After my novel BROKEN LACES was published in 2010, the first feedback I received was from a “real” reader who said that he’d stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to read my book straight through. He jokingly complained about how I’d ruined his workday by causing him to lose sleep. What a great treat for an author!

Recently, I received a 5-star Amazon review from a reader who read BROKEN LACES on his Kindle. My protagonist Jack is a damaged man, a father who doesn’t really know his own son, a baseball coach who lacks restraint and respect, a widower who grieves the woman he loved–and this reader identified with him completely. Because BROKEN LACES explores the profound grief that Jack experiences, this reader was touched by that as well. He said, “Reading about Melanie was very difficult as I lost my fiancée in 2009 to cancer. Those memories are always there and never completely leave us. Thank you Rodney, I needed that healing. I will be re-reading those parts again and again.” His final words truly touched me: “In closing, the lessons Mr. Walther brings to light are true life lessons: baseball is a timeless sport and teaches us the value of friends, family and God. Thank you for an excellent book.”

Have I made it? For these readers, BROKEN LACES provides a real world that they can disappear into and where they can experience honest emotional reactions to the characters. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Rodney Walther is the award-winning author of the novel BROKEN LACES, an emotion-packed story which features Jack “The Cannon” Kennedy, a suburban workaholic who doesn’t understand the importance of family until he faces life as a single parent. Set in a fictional suburban Little League, BROKEN LACES explores the importance of father-and-son relationships, the struggles of shared grief, and the redemptive power of baseball. A long-time baseball coach, league director, and volunteer umpire, Rodney knows firsthand all the crazy characters that populate the Little League landscape. You can learn more about Broken Laces (including how to purchase it in either paperback or e-book format) at http://www.rodneywalther.com.

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  1. This sounds great!Looking forward to reading it!(And maybe staying up until 2:30 am to do so!)

    Comment by Judy — February 22, 2011 @ 1:50 pm

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